World Water Day: How is the textile industry endeavoring to bring up innovations to protect the oceans?


Clothing production impacts the marine environment from fiber production to garment disposal, but new technologies promise a more sustainable future.

We all know how important the textile industry is to the global economy. However, this activity is still taking a massive toll on the rising pollution of the environment, with excess water usage and improper waste disposal in the oceans. On March 22nd, the world celebrates World Water Day, and the industry, brands, and increasingly conscious consumers interested in sustainable solutions pose the question: What can fashion do to save the oceans?

An example of how the yarn industry can help with innovative solutions is SENSIL® WaterCare, a premium Nylon 6.6 that merges technology, environmental care, and comfort, developed, and produced by NILIT, a global leader in the production of fashion and performance fibers, capable of saving up to 100% of the water that would be used for the traditional wet dyeing process in textile production. SENSIL® WaterCare also drastically decreases levels of energy and chemicals involved in that process. Additionally, the yarn saves production time and water treatment costs while eliminating groundwater pollution risk.

“A highlight of this SENSIL® yarns line is the use of production processes that consume less water and minimize waste. Besides, we are constantly investing in technologies that ensure durability and greater comfort for consumers while using the garments, extending product lifecycle,” says Michelle Lea, NILIT® ‘s Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer.

SENSIL® WaterCare premium Nylon 6.6 yarns come with embedded color, offering a wide range of applications in sportswear and intimate apparel, such as socks, underwear, t-shirts, tops, and leggings for casual wear. Another benefit of using SENSIL® WaterCare is that the pieces do not shade over time since the dye stuff is applied before the spinning process, during polymer development, and does not release dye stuff during household washing.

World Water Day is annually here to remind us of our responsibility to take good care of our waters and globally raise awareness among manufacturers, retailers, and people who would love to see a brighter future ahead of them. We gratefully hold this opportunity to reinforce our commitment to reshaping the textile industry into a more sustainable and conscious one, with SENSIL® WaterCare being the perfect invitation for you to join us on this mission!