SENSIL® Nylon 6.6 is the very first step in delivering performance, sustainability, intelligence, and quality to the world’s apparel, dedicated to answering the demand of today’s conscious consumer, who values quality over quantity, and products that are good for them and also good for the planet. Grounded in decades of NILIT’s expertise, SENSIL® is the smarter choice for the entire value chain. Smarter because our fiber is created with ultimate precision by masters of the craft. Smarter because it elevates every garment it touches. From luxury lingerie to high-performance activewear to intelligent denim, SENSIL® fulfills the promise to today’s consumers that they’ve made an intelligent investment in what they wear.


SENSIL® is made of Nylon 6.6, the highest quality manmade fiber, with a stronger, softer, better look and feel. SENSIL® has a more appealing luster and better longevity than Nylon 6. It’s ultra-comfortable, making it perfect for next-to-body garments. Its superior performance, with inherent odor control, temperature and moisture management, durability, tactility and comfort, makes it the perfect fabric for today’s busy, multitasking consumers. SENSIL® is a smarter choice for all those who want to be part of the sustainable solution. NILIT is the only nylon producer investing in the marketing innovation or technical support of Nylon 6.6, as well as responsibly manufactured products under NILIT’s Total Product Sustainability (TPS) criteria.



Sensil® products like Sensil® Breeze, Sensil® Ecocare, Sensil® Innergy and Sensil® Aquarius perfectly match our high expectations towards technology, sustainability and reliability. They create that unique 2nd skin feel-good effect and therefore guarantee premium comfort, breathability and climate control for a one of a kind running experience. Besides that, we highly appreciate NILITs mission to reduce their CO2 footprint by developing new sustainable, biodegradable and water conserving yarns for the "zero waste" future.

Christian Schwab, Thoni Mara CEO, and Iron Man athlete

It is very important to link our brand to partners that focus on quality and have technology know-how, and it was exactly these values that SENSIL® added to the Labellamafia products, allowing us to elevate our products, taking them to a whole new level.

Marina Furtado, Designer, Labellamafia

Fashion and technology together bring comfort, quality and other attributes to consumers who are more and more aware of what they wear. SENSIL® and À La Garçonne come together to make it all happen.

Alexandre Herchcovitch, Designer, À La Garçonne

The fabrics are fresh, have a soft hand, and are beautiful. It is unbelievable how superior the SENSIL® quality is.

Fashion Designer Gloria Coelho

We use SENSIL® BodyFresh, Breeze and Heat in nearly 80% of our Strammermax premium performance compressionwear products. The individual characteristics of each fabric allow us to meet the demanding needs of our customers who appreciate not only the cooling, heating or moisture management benefits but also the smooth and comfortable feeling of our products. The symbiosis of SENSIL® and Strammermax products is therefore perfect.​

Henk Allhoff General Manager of Strammer Max

At Nesting Days we value Sensil for the 4-S's it provides that are key to our baby carriers. SOFTNESS: because there is nothing as delicate as a newborn's skin. STRENGTH: because holding baby hands-free takes the stress out of caring for baby. SAFETY: because the fibers are OEKO-Tex Class 1 tested and contain NO Azo colorants, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, nickel, etc. SUSTAINABILITY: because NILIT is a leader in innovative, eco-friendly practices

Julie Arvan Chief Mother Officer of Nesting Days

We at Avocado are so happy to be partnered with Sensil and able to offer our customers the finest quality performance material on the market. Knitting our products with Sensil gives us the ability to provide amazingly soft garments with 4-way stretch and superior recovery, breathability and sweat-wicking properties, along with excellent durability. At Avocado, we pride ourselves on offering unique and high quality lifestyle apparel that is functional for active life, sophisticated for daily styling, and comfortable for relaxing in the after hours-- and that starts with choosing Sensil.

Jessica Laursen, Creative Director Avocado


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