sensil bynature

ByNature is the industry-first premium Nylon 6.6 for textiles and apparel using biogas to reduce fossil raw materials. A first for the fashion and sportswear industry, SENSIL® ByNature gives environmentally conscious consumers a meaningful way to help reduce carbon footprint while keeping exactly the same comfort, performance, and longevity that they expect and get today from SENSIL®.


The renewable raw materials in SENSIL® ByNature are made with the certified Biomass Balance (BMB) approach which was pioneered by BASF. Compared to conventional Nylon yarn made from fossil feedstock, in this approach renewable resources such as biogas derived from waste is used as a feedstock in the very first steps of the production process. The bio feedstock amount is then allocated to specific products sold by means of the certified method.

The technology considerably improves a garment’s Product Carbon Footprint and takes the apparel industry closer to a more sustainable position. The proportion of the biomass balanced product in the final SENSIL® ByNature yarn is 55%.



Retains all the performance and appearance advantages of SENSIL® premium Nylon while lowering CO2 deposits in the atmosphere and reducing dependence on fossil feedstock.
Incredibly soft and remarkably strong for long-lasting fabrics that will remain like new for years.

Exceptionally durable and wear-resistant products can be repurposed and recycled for additional contributions to textile sustainability and circularity.

  • Reduces the dependency of fossil fuels
  • Reduces carbon footprint by 900 Kg of CO2 eq. per 1 ton of standard Nylon 6.6 fabric
  • Promotes the use of renewable raw materials
  • Same quality and performance as our SENSIL® premium Nylon


NILIT’s biomass balance approach is pioneered by BASF and ISCCplus certified.

SENSIL® ByNature yarns are certified as not harmful to human health according to Oeko-Tex standards.

Exceptional products branded and identified with SENSIL® ByNature hangtag have been verified and tracked to ensure origin and performance.



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