Who owns the ocean? A mindful perspective on our responsibility to protect life


It is time to see the bigger picture and the value of a smart choice. A sustainable mindset guides actions that focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. World Ocean Day is celebrated to bring awareness to the collective, reinforcing the responsibility that individuals share to care for the whole.

On June 8th, the world celebrates World Ocean Day, a special time in the sustainability agenda. The date is remarkable, as more and more people are changing their behavior and daily choices towards more conscious ones, perfectly aware of their responsibility regarding environmental preservation. The oceans are the dominant portion of our planet, filled with incredible biodiversity, and an essential element for keeping our environment in perfect balance. But who is responsible for taking care of our oceans? How do we control human activity and keep our ecosystems in shape?

The pace of human needs is not the same as nature’s ability to recover itself. Thus, World Ocean Day is an important initiative that brings quality insights to people, educating and pointing out the responsibility that we share as individuals living on the same planet. For the sustainability agenda, it is a remarkable moment, and brands celebrate the day with innovation and inspiration, sharing their latest eco-friendly initiatives and how they are being mindful of their impact.

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World Ocean Day is a celebration of the planet’s largest ecosystem. It highlights the many values of our salty waters, strives to increase public awareness, and encourages people to do good all around the world. Oceans in almost every country face an array of threats, and only through our active involvement can we ensure their health in the years ahead. That is what a sustainable mindset is all about. Through action, making good choices, and consuming consciously without waiting for someone else to do it, is the power that qualified information has on people. Inspiring activities start a “ripple effect” that encourages more people to get inspired to do good.

World Ocean Day is celebrated every year, and taking action is what makes transformation a movement – a people’s movement. Responsible products like SENSIL® BioCare are the face of that thought: high-quality, long-lasting fabric with a sustainable life cycle from its production to its end, reducing the persistence of textile waste in the planet’s ecosystems, especially in our oceans.

For all the apparent reasons, SENSIL® celebrates this beautiful day, like many others, that speaks directly to our values. As seen in some of our technologies, we have water preservation as an essential part of the production processes and criteria, constantly improving to reduce the textile industry’s impact on our oceans ecosystems as well. Join us and take action for ocean preservation.

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Send us a message with your ideas for ocean preservation 

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