When performance meets sustainability


The best sportswear experience results when a brand approaches the market with mindful sense of responsibility. More than a nice logo and appealing history, a game-changer company must be aligned with the hearts of savvy consumers. JAKED is aware that taking the sustainability road indicates to the marketplace and to consumers that the company  is going in the right direction.

In the following interview, Edoardo Galbiati, JAKED Communication Specialist, describes how performance and sustainability are important features, essential to thriving in today’s market.


1. What are the new developments currently planned under the Jaked brand? What can we look forward to seeing from the brand?

Among the most important developments, the first I would like to point out is the return to performance swimwear, the authentic spirit with which the Jaked brand started its history. We want to enrich our collections with both a high technological content and a very defined and functional style. At the same time, we are opening up to a new lifestyle universe, more refined and evolved, designed and created through our skills. It will be something different that I am sure will intrigue and will be appreciated.


2. How has the landscape of the sports sector changed, if at all? Does it make sense to you to say that customers are increasingly looking for technical information before buying a sports item?

The landscape has changed a lot. Today, there is a great deal of intersection between sport and everyday life, between the world of performance and everyday clothing. Each of the two worlds absorbs the language of the other. In addition to that, the customer is better prepared and better informed than in the past. They are looking for technical content and are more expert and aware of their purchases. When they get to the store, they are already familiar with the necessary information because they obtained it on the internet at home.


3. What role does sustainability play in your collections today?

We have opted for a transparent approach since we believe that sustainability is not just marketing but something very tangible. We are moving forward in small steps but in a concrete way, fully aware that sustainability is a crucial issue for the future.


4. What’s new with the SENSIL® Ecocare fibre?

We opted for a luxury brand like SENSIL® Ecocare because, as I said, we prefer to operate seriously, in a responsible and disciplined manner, and with acknowledged and reliable partners. With SENSIL® Ecocare we have developed the Timeless line, fitness and athleisure for women with a high technical content to guarantee total comfort. In the future we will also open up to men’s wear. We really liked the SENSIL® Ecocare proposal for its content and history.


5. Today, innovative performance and sustainability sound to be key aspects in the consumer’s choice. What are your strategies?

Performance and sustainability are two aspects that must be combined, two territories that have no boundaries.