What drives BV Sport to keep improving and delivering a unique experience to consumers



Encounter the latest comfort, performance, sustainability, and user experience technology. For many years, BV Sport has been actively improving its products by investing in innovation and paying close attention to why people choose a specific brand. And they are choosing BV Sport.

Being a top player in a competitive market is a huge challenge. It requires an open mindset and a long-term vision of the necessary actions to keep building respect and awareness with consumers. Having a strong foundation represented by solid principles and values is an excellent place to start. BV Sport knows that the fashion activewear market needs to deliver more than just performance because people demand meaningful choices that can positively impact their world.

Long-term planning disregards the concept of instant success. That is the way BV Sport chooses to do business. In the following interview, it is evident that the brand is determined to be an inspiration to other players in the fashion world and the number one option for savvy and conscientious consumers. Talking about consumers, the user experience is taken very seriously by BV Sport as a starting point for innovation and design, and we can see that in the interview that follows.

Fabrics with SENSIL® EcoCare technology are the reason people never get tired of these garments. Choosing the right materials and taking care of the whole production chain is crucial for BV Sport’s particular market positioning today. Thus, BV Sport has partnered with SENSIL® for years because both brands embody and certify the high quality of the products. In the following interview, we can see just how strong the relationship between the two brands has been.

SENSIL® technology has been answering the demands for meaningful choices and sustainability without trading off performance and comfort, speaking in the right tone with BV Sport’s values. That is what makes the two perfect allies.

Next, we invite you to see how BV Sport is improving and innovating over more than 20 years of positive impact on the sports activewear market, in this talk below with Manuela Corona, BV Sport’s General Manager.

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Besides being a benchmark sports brand, BV SPORT identifies today with a sports movement acknowledged throughout Europe. What is the secret?
Our very secret may be that we are not pursuing instant success.
Each of our projects and refined products results from much research combined with our great passion for everything we do.
We are ambitious, that’s for sure. We are also very conscientious and strive for perfection in everything we do, and I believe that this quest for care and detail has rewarded us.

Today the customer is increasingly demanding technical information and is better prepared. What is the reason for such an approach?
The customer should never be underestimated, and BV Sport knows this very well. That is why we pay special attention to the customer’s needs. We do not count on our end user’s indecision and lack of knowledge: quite the opposite! We take it very seriously. Very often, our products originate from their needs. Today customers ‘study’ products, compare them and simultaneously look for confirmation. Therefore, besides meeting their needs, we must also be able to surprise and engage them in our world by providing them with insights and specifications that can intrigue and help them enter our world.

In your world, technology is a milestone in the BV SPORT project. Can you tell us what role it plays?
The technical nature of our products plays an essential role. Our Research and Development Centre works daily to study specialized products from a functional point of view. Yet, this is not enough: we must find the right synergy between the product, its features, and the materials used. BV Sport was born with the creation of the Booster: a compression sock designed specifically for the sports person. Behind this over twenty-year-old project are studies, patents, development, and much research. We went from the first patent providing the reverse compression by which we have always distinguished ourselves to the selective reduction that still distinguishes us today. However, that was not enough for us: we also meticulously chose the yarns making up this product, which is still our flagship today.
We live by small revolutions: the product is essentially the same as it was 20 years ago, but the transformations experienced over time are the source of small and significant discoveries that allow us to offer innovative products capable of convincing even the most demanding and expert customers.

For many years SENSIL® branded products have supported BV SPORT in comfort, performance, and sustainability. Can you tell us how?
SENSIL® is our essential ally, The brand allows us to best express the technical qualities of our products.
This yarn’s softness, strength, thermo-regulation, and many other qualities allow us to be innovative and, at the same time, offer our customers high-quality garments. Our Boosters Elite Evo 2 Innergy features a yarn capable of improving muscle elasticity and skin tone. We use the same yarn for our leggings. The 2022 brand new Booster Origine features SENSIL® ECOCARE, recycled premium Nylon 6.6. The recycling process significantly reduces CO2 emissions and water and energy consumption while providing a comfortable, soft, durable, and eco-friendly yarn and related garments. Many other products contain yarns of this range and have been made unique.