This summer feels different in the northern hemisphere 


Several nations in Europe are experiencing extreme temperatures like never before. People are dealing with disturbing heat waves and wildfires, and the word “fresh” now has its highest face value. It is time to think about how to feel better in such conditions and here are a few tips on how smart fabrics can help.

This summer feels different in the northern hemisphere. Some countries in Europe are facing extreme high temperatures and even wildfires due to the unbalanced season effects. It is okay to feel a particular heat during summer, but right now, dressing up for work seems unbearable (thank you for the A/C at the office where available!). What is causing such events, and what could we do to manage them? The years of studies, research, and alerts from the scientific community might be the key to the answer.

Now we can feel what the scientific community has been discussing and warning for decades. The New York Times reported on July 16th: “The wildfires are among dozens across Europe, driven by a heat wave that has gripped parts of the continent and threatens to bring record-breaking temperatures to Britain early next week.” It follows: “Climate scientists have said that global warming is making extreme temperatures more common.”

The time to face the problem is now, and we cannot push it further. Forbes magazine said on June 17th: “Officials have blamed the high temperatures largely on climate change.” In other words, we are accountable for it and must act now. All of us are definitely part of the problem. Nonetheless, many are starting to be part of the solution too.

We at NILIT have been looking into well-being for decades, and have been offering the smarter solutions in premium Nylon 6.6 fibers like SENSIL® Breeze for greater cooling, comfort, and a well-being sensation that lasts for the whole product lifetime. SENSIL® Breeze is a premium Nylon 6.6 that combines top performance with mindful care for our planet, as it is made to last under our Total Product Sustainability standard. Longevity is a key sustainability driver behind all the products we make ensuring they last for years like new, without losing these benefits because the technology is embedded in the essence of the yarn. With a unique cooling sensation in our Breeze product, this sustainable premium Nylon has been tested and shown to reduce body temperature. Soft, lightweight, and with a beautiful drape, SENSIL® Breeze generates the sense of well-being that comes from being cool, dry, and comfortable.

In the short term, we have to deal with the heat, wishing for a cool breeze that could make our summer more enjoyable. Or we can make a smart choice and choose SENSIL® Breeze. Just perfect for facing this season.

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