The powerful relationship between human beings and the sea – how the passion for our oceans is the perfect drive to preserve them


Israel is blessed with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Its borders follow along 170 miles of the stunning Mediterranean shore, the unique Dead Sea, and the tip of the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba. Israeli sea waters look vivid, clean and as blue as the most precious sapphire you can find. Therefore, the relationship between people and an ecosystem like that is sure to be a special one.

Sailing is one of the most popular and successful sports in Israel, with a remarkable gold medal won by Gal Friedman in the 2004 Olympic games that took place in Athens, Greece. Israeli waters are the perfect invitation for those who find themselves at home when they are at sea. And there is a reason behind it: Israel is a sea nation. Understanding that society must flourish side by side with a healthy marine environment is a start. Development can only succeed with deep respect for and acknowledgement of the need to nurture a functioning and healthy oceanic environment, both for our present and future.

The beautiful relationship between humans and the sea, reinforcing that urgent need to preserve our oceans, is what’s been driving the Israel Olympic sailing team to keep in full training mode, getting in their best shape for the 2024 Games.

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The preservation of our oceans is driven by a symbiotic, beautiful relationship between people and sea. Oceanic waters must be saved from the impacts of human activity for that very relationship to survive for the many generations of sailors, surfers, swimmers, and sea lovers to come. SENSIL® is looking forward to being part of that story.