SEPTEMBER, 29TH- World Rivers Day: The pathway for changing the future of our water resources



A sustainable mindset guides actions that focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. And for that matter, our rivers and riverbanks are in extreme need. Therefore, World Rivers Day is celebrated to bring awareness to the collective and change the course.

This September 29th, the world celebrates a very special occasion: World Rivers Day. The date is far from overlooked, as more people are changing their behavior and daily choices in a fast and conscious path, perfectly aware of their personal responsibility regarding environmental preservation. Rivers and riverbanks are filled with fantastic biodiversity; however, the waterway is also a powerful energy source, so people must be mindful of sustainably using this resource.

The pace of human needs is not the same as nature’s ability to recover itself, and there is still a massive opportunity for knowledge and information sharing among us. Thus, World Rivers Day is an important initiative that brings quality information to people, educating society and clarifying the challenges we face.

World Rivers Day highlights the many values of our waterways and encourages the improved stewardship of all rivers around the world that face several threats. Only through our active involvement can we ensure their health in the years ahead. Cleaning up rivers and riverbanks without waiting for someone else to do it is the call to action here. Trash can be found in rivers close to where we live and work, ending up in the oceans. We all can do something to help. So if you are interested in preserving the planet’s waterways, get to know the nice work that River Clean Up does to educate the communities about the issue.

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