SENSIL® invites the world to join a circular economy


April marked a series of significant events that stirred the global textile industry, presenting various options for apparel and technical fabrics and accessories designed for performance and well-being. In addition to the latest technologies in comfort and performance, Techtextil (Frankfurt) and Functional Fabric Fair (Portland – USA and Shanghai) events showcased the concept of circular economy inviting all industry players to rethink their strategies to making recycling something essential for the future.

SENSIL® brand was present at these three events, presenting its portfolio of more sustainable solutions for high-performance apparel. With a strong focus on circularity, SENSIL® demonstrates the potential of embracing recycling as an alternative for businesses since it reduces the build-up of unwanted waste and allocates resources to valuable purposes rather than becoming a burden on the environment.

Recycling has existed as an important environmental action for a while now and inhabited the widespread consciousness. However, introducing recycling in the textile industry was an expensive and difficult process due to the nature of the materials commonly used for producing functional and high-performance apparel. In other words, most of today’s garments are designed for comfort stretch with fibers blended with spandex to ensure elasticity. But, blending complicates recycling due to the need to separate these fibers through a process that requires chemical recycling and high consumption of CO2.

Our newest SENSIL® Flow, being specially designed to accelerate circularity, replaces the spandex blend in certain end uses allowing recycling to be efficient and easier. With this new approach throughout the entire textile production, circularity gives another chance to products that would have been discarded instead, lightening the textile industry’s impact.

Our team was glad to have important conversations with leading companies and visionary brands to exchange information and share the vision for the future in collaborative and engaging ways.

Circular economy is our highest demand, and products designed to add value through solutions for the waste produced by the industry are the spotlight.

Thinking about a better future with reduced impact should guide the industry now and in the coming years, and events like those in April are essential to helping us all stay on the right track!