Helping Athletes Push Past Their Limits

  • Multi-platform race preparation
  • Training sessions in three Italian cities
  • Five runners selected from more than 300 competitors for final race in Israel’s Negev Desert

Milan, Italy—October 22, 2018 — Sometimes an athlete’s toughest rival is in the mirror. Later this month, five bold women will compete against their own past performance while running for four days in the Israeli desert.

Donna Moderna Negev Adventure”, a program developed to help women challenge their own limits, set off in Italy in late June, according to event organizer Donna Moderna, the women’s magazine title by leading publisher Mondadori Group.
The exciting event, developed in collaboration with the Israeli National Tourist Office, was designed for every woman, from the beginning jogger to the experienced racer seeking a bigger challenge.

Beginning in June, Donna Moderna began offering training guides in its magazine pages, on the web and on social media, developed by motivational coach Max Monaco, trail running instructor Federico Bertone and pharmacist and nutritionist Lucia Rossi. The training guides provided advice on athletic training, nutrition and mental techniques for getting prepared in the best way possible. Hundreds of beginner, intermediate and advanced women runners participated in weekly formal training sessions held in Turin, Pescara and Palermo, with guidance on stretching, posture, breathing and nutrition from Olympic triathlon champion Daniel Fontana, elite marathoner Luisa Balsamo and top runner Anna Incerti.
Then in mid-September, five amazing women, aged 21 to 42, were selected for the ultimate prize, a trip to Israel to participate in the final challenge: The run through the Negev Desert, during which they will navigate a wild and extreme landscape wearing high-performance activewear by BV SPORT made with Sensil® Innergy Nylon 6.6 performance fabric.

“Donna Moderna’s mission is to encourage women to push their own limits, and to make the most of their abilities and potential in all areas of their lives,” said project director Annalisa Monfreda.

“Doing physical activity is an excellent way to build determination. It puts us face-to-face with the limits of our body and teaches us that, with discipline and passion, we can overcome them. We have chosen running for this project not only because it is extremely popular at this moment, but also because it is one of the most democratic sports, not requiring any special type of facility or equipment, and is very gratifying on so many levels.” The desert setting will also inspire women to reach greater heights.
“The Negev is a magnificent and extraordinary desert, an unimaginable place, carved out of Israel’s beautiful natural beauty, where every woman can find her own physical and spiritual dimension,” said Avital Kotzer Adari, director of the Israeli National Tourist Office. “It is the perfect setting for discovery and is becoming more accessible for travel thanks to an increased number of flights. Whether for outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking or camping, or for exploring archaeological sites, parks and priceless gems of nature, this is a journey not to be missed, a wonderful memory to last a lifetime.”

The five Negev Adventure finalists are: Francesca Valassi, 34, originally from Voghera, now working at a bank in Milan, who started running in high school and recently discovered cycling; Elisa Adorni, 37, a doctor in architecture, physical therapy and sports sciences from Parma, a former swimmer who switched to running, where she has realized great success; Federica Verdoya, 21, a student from Genoa who would one day love to be in the sports division of the Forestry Corps; Arianna Bianchini, 29, from Tuscany, who works in a communications agency in Milan and began running when an autoimmune sickness caused her to gain a lot of weight; Eleonora Suizzo, 42, of San Gregorio di Catani, a former personal manager who recently fulfilled her dream of owning a fashion boutique and has been running since the age of 12. 

“BV Sport is thrilled to be providing running apparel made of Sensil® Innergy to these talented and multi-faceted athletes,” said Nicolas Corona, General Manager of BV Sport. “The garments that will be worn by the runners, ambassadors and coaches have been carefully engineered for comfort and performance, allowing them to perform at their personal best and reach new heights of achievement.”

Sensil® is the premium brand of Nylon 6.6 made by NILIT, a 40-year-old global company based in Israel. 
“Sensil® Innergy is a technical fabric that uses far-infrared technology to gently reflect the naturally emitted thermal energy back to the body, improving the oxygenation of muscles for peak performance during athletic activity and aiding post-workout recovery, said Pierluigi Berardi, Marketing Vice President for Sensil®. “Sensil® is strong and resilient, yet soft and comfortable. It is for people who want to feel great while they push past their limits, whether they’re running in the Negev desert or through the streets of a city.” 

Berardi, himself an avid runner, added: “Running through the valleys and scaling the heights of the breath-taking Negev desert will be the perfect finale to these months of training. As these impressive women will discover, sometimes the best view comes after the hardest climb.” 

NILIT® is a global producer and marketer of high-quality Nylon 6.6 fibers for apparel and other products. The company was founded over 40 years ago in Israel and has grown to be the largest Nylon 6.6 textile producer in the world with manufacturing and marketing operations in key regions including Europe, North America, Latin America, China, Asia Pacific, and Turkey.

About Sensil®
Sensil® is the premium Nylon 6.6 from NILIT for apparel. Crafted by masters of precision, it is the new standard of quality for intimates, legwear, activewear, and other style- and performance-driven garments. 

About BV Sport
BV Sport is a performance activewear company based in Saint-Etienne, France. Founded in 1989 by a vascular physician who was also a world champion downhill skier, the company has been making premium running apparel, legwear and accessories in its factory in France for more than two decades. Top European sports teams and world-class athletes rely on the company’s advance compression and comfort technology for improved performance, faster recovery and reduced fatigue. 

About Donna Moderna
Donna Moderna is the leading women’s Italian editorial network, an ecosystem that, through the magazine, web, and social media channels, encompasses a total audience of 9.8MM contacts per month among readers and users. Donna Moderna has 910K Facebook fans, 522K followers on Twitter, and 76K followers on Instagram. 

® Sensil is a registered/pending trademark of NILIT. 

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USA and Israel: Amy Holzer
China: Martin Yang
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