Strammer Max + Sensil® Sponsor Elite Influencer Fitness Networking Event

The FOTODOM Studios in Cologne, Germany were pulsing with energy on a recent Saturday afternoon as more than 60 top fitness influencers convened to discover exciting new products developed for healthy workout enthusiasts.

Premium nylon brand Sensil® and its performancewear brand partner Strammer Max® were main sponsors of the event, where visitors experienced the latest in premium activewear made from the strong, soft, comfortable fabric that keeps wearers cool and dry while providing targeted compression zones that support and energize.

The brainchild of social media agency Styleranking, the InfluencerCafé Sports Edition was designed to bring the top social media fitness personalities such as Patryk Stawinoga (@str0id) and Manuel Teufel (@manu_teufel)  together with brands and fellow influencers as they tried out new fitness products.

Fitness influencers Nora Lobjanidz (@nora_lobjanidze) and Michelle Schafer (@oneshelly_fit) refreshed themselves with frozen yogurt and a healthy buffet laden with numerous fruity delicacies – a welcome refreshment after JumpStep trampoline training with Hammer or doing new yoga moves with Coach Vanessa McMann.

The Strammer Max® brand was developed for the multitasking young professional with personal style who takes health and fitness seriously. Said CEO Henk Allhoff: “It is our goal to create functional clothes that are good for sports but also for your daily life. The strong compression zone on the side and the upper compression zone in the front form a nice silhouette and create an athletic look.”

Sensil® is the premium nylon 6.6 brand from Israel-based fiber producer NILIT. Fabrics of Sensil represent the ultimate in style, performance and quality, making them perfect for today’s demanding young consumers.  

At the Sensil® + Strammermax® booth, the influencers received activewear of premium Sensil® performance fabric. The cooling zones under the arms and on the back are breathable, and the back shape-up zone prevents back pain. The shirts are made of Sensil® to provide a cooling effect that gives a refreshed feeling.

Said Rafi Rachek (@rafirachek): “The shirt is very stretchy. I’ve already got some of them at home since I do a lot of weight training. I’m a fitness coach and model and I feel very comfortable in it. I recommend it to everyone who’s into sports.”

Anna Pracejus (@anna_fitgirl) was enthusiastic about the garment properties: Since it’s very stretchy, it gets more and more comfortable. It’s still tight but it feels good. The shirt definitely gives you proper support.” 

Maximilian Kißler (@maxmilli0n) remarked about the effect on the skin: “I like it because when you sweat a little, it gives you a nice cooling feeling.” 

Many of the influencer guests entered into the Instagram contest held by Sensil, in which the most extraordinary post would win a weekend trip to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Christiane Rauch, Senior Marketing Consultant at Sensil®, commented at the end of the day: “We loved this opportunity for close contact with these amazing and enthusiastic influencers. We were able to share with them first-hand the importance of fabric in performance and style. We were happy to see the reactions about our garments, and we look forward to seeing their prize-worthy posts!”