See NILIT’s Premium Nylon 6.6 Brand at OR Summer Market Booth #10018-LL

Migdal Haemek, Israel—July 16, 2018 — NILIT, a leading global Nylon manufacturer and marketer, created Sensil®, the smart choice for premium Nylon 6.6 designed especially for apparel. NILIT will showcase Sensil’s performance products and the brand’s up-to-date marketing programs at Outdoor Retailer in Denver, July 23-26 in Booth #10018-LL.

NILIT’s marketing group tuned into the rapidly changing retail marketplace several years ago and recognized that evolving consumer attitudes require a radically different approach, especially for fiber and fabric manufacturers. Research indicated that Millennials, the dominant consumer group, evaluate products on more than just price and are willing to pay a little more for products that deliver more benefits. Plus, these younger consumers want to know the brands who make the products they buy and want to engage with them in an upbeat, enjoyable, and productive way. 

“We developed Sensil® directly in response to these findings,” says Pierluigi Berardi, NILIT’s Vice President of Global Marketing and R&D. “Rather than price, Sensil® products emphasize multi-functional performance, durability, beauty, and value, all aspects of apparel that today’s consumers expect. And Sensil® communicates these desirable attributes with a fresh, colorful voice that stands out at retail and appeals directly to these shoppers.” 

Since its introduction, many of NILIT’s customers have applauded Sensil® and its new consumer-oriented approach. “When value replaces price as the main consideration, it’s amazing what fabric and apparel designers can create,” continues Berardi. “We have always worked closely with our customers to develop excellent products but now we bring new perspective and enthusiasm along with the marketing programs needed to connect most effectively with today’s discriminating consumers.” Sensil® performance yarns like Sensil® Breeze, Aquarius, Innergy, and EcoCare will be on display at NILIT’s Outdoor Retailer Booth # 10018-LL. For an appointment at OR to see these Sensil®creations and more, contact Amy Holzer at

NILIT® is a global producer and marketer of high quality type 6.6 nylon fibers for apparel fabrics and other products. The company was founded over 40 years ago in Israel and has grown to be the largest Nylon 6.6 producer in the world with manufacturing and marketing operations in key regions including Europe, USA, Turkey, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and China.

About Sensil®
Sensil® is NILIT’s premium Nylon 6.6 brand for apparel. Crafted by masters of precision, it is the new standard of quality for intimate apparel, legwear, activewear, denim, outdoor wear, and other products. Sensil® is a registered/pending trademark of NILIT. 

Nilit® Marketing contacts
USA and Israel: Amy Holzer
China: Martin Yang
N. Europe: Christiane Rauch
S. Europe: Federica Albiero
Latin America: Fabianne Pacini

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