SENSIL® BodyFresh Fabrics Proven to Reduce Viral Activity on Contact


Independent lab testing shows 99.85% activity reduction in Betacoronavirus 1(OC43)


Migdal Haemek, Israel—November 5, 2020.  NILIT, a global leader in sustainable, premium Nylon 6.6 for apparel, has received confirmation from Microbe Investigations AG (MIS), a microbiological testing services lab, that fabric made with Sensil® BodyFresh demonstrated a 99.85% reduction in viral activity when tested according to ISO 18184:2019 criteria against Betacoronavirus 1 (OC43), an envelopedpositive-sensesingle-stranded RNA virus. The additive embedded in the Sensil® BodyFresh yarn provides long-lasting protection that does not deteriorate with laundering, indicating that the additive is not washed out of the fabric.

 “We originally developed Sensil® BodyFresh with antibacterial and anti-odor properties to provide consumers with outstanding freshness” says Sagee Aran, Head of Global Marketing at NILIT. “With these proven antiviral test results, our business partners can expand their Sensil® BodyFresh product concepts beyond comfort and aesthetics to include enhanced protection and a positive sense of well-being.” 

 Sensil® BodyFresh is currently used by leading apparel brands across all segments such as intimates and underwear, base layer, activewear, and legwear. By inhibiting microbial growth, fabrics stay fresher longer and require fewer launderings. The benefits are built in to the yarn and do not wash out or wear off for the life of the fabric, providing sustainable protection that doesn’t pollute waterways. In addition to providing these proven antimicrobial benefits, Sensil® BodyFresh is responsibly made at NILIT’s water- and energy-optimized facilities and meets NILIT’s Total Product Sustainability guidelines for long-lasting, high quality products made with respect for the planet and people. 

“Consumers today appreciate long lasting, environmentally responsible, multifunctional apparel,” continues Aran. “Sensil® BodyFresh offers numerous performance factors that include sustainability and well-being attributes for today’s current climate”

 NILIT has the broadest portfolio of sustainable Sensil® premium Nylon products that address water preservation, energy use reduction, pollution elimination, biodegradability, and increased use of recycled inputs. NILIT is committed to providing the industry leadership and the products that help the apparel world use more sustainable fabrics in more responsible ways.

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