Performance in running can provide tremendous benefits for athletes at every level


From health improvement and stress relief to personal satisfaction and confidence, running is a truly personalizable sport for the beginning athlete to the serious competitor. Plus, the sport of running is totally accessible to anyone who has the right gear and a sidewalk, track, or trail. Runners can chart their own path to success, set their own goals, and progress at their own pace. They have complete control over their pursuit, which is very empowering and satisfying.

Some runners seek that famous high from dopamine and movement and those feelings can keep runners motivated to stretch their goals and do more than they ever thought possible. Brazilian lawyer Stefani Stefenon wanted to live a more balanced, stress-free life, which led her to start exercising slowly and build over time:

“I started running, setting new goals, and being disciplined in my exercise routine without compromising my loaded work calendar. As a result, as time went by, I began sleeping better and noticed that it was beneficial not only for my body but also for my mind,” she shares.

Through running, Stefani felt a profound change in her life and found herself motivated to inspire people around her. “By sleeping better and regularly engaging in sports, you also eat better and enter a healthier cycle. And you feel like inspiring others around you,” she adds. “I find that paying attention to the technology in my shoes and apparel has helped me push myself further. There are new SENSIL® fabrics that fit better on the body, weigh less, dry faster, have greater durability, and are also sustainable. This combination of factors truly makes a difference in my performance and enjoyment. My experience with SENSIL® has been above my expectations.”

SENSIL® technology is designed to provide unique feelings of physical and mental well-being during and after running. For example, SENSIL® Breeze has a cooling effect proven to reduce body temperature, SENSIL® Aquarius helps manage moisture so runners stay cool and dry, and SENSIL® BodyFresh helps control odors, all benefits that runners truly value.

Vinicio Zamith, another running enthusiast, shares his experience with performance and motivation. “I invest quite a bit (probably more than I should) in performance apparel, shoes, and accessories. Yet, I understand that these ‘expenses’ are good investments in my health. Investing in this active lifestyle helps me balance work concerns and daily tasks. It assists me in thinking clearer, staying more focused, maintaining a healthy diet, and adopting healthier habits. It’s also an outlet for releasing stress and energy, making me feel better, and even improving my mood, you know?”

Marco Jafet is a passionate runner who believes in the power of performance apparel and gear to achieve his goals. “I’ve always been into sports, which has fascinated me since childhood,” he says. “However, in adulthood, running became my number one sport. It came about around the time of my daughter’s birth when I became more focused at home. When I became a father, I felt the urge to add healthier habits to my routine to feel better, live longer, be more present, and set a good example for my daughter.”

Regarding his performance, Jafet gave credit to his running apparel. “I invest a lot in materials that can enhance my performance in every workout. I have a laser-focused approach to performance because, in my experience, it leads to better results and a more pleasant experience. Also, there are technological benefits of athletic clothing like breathability that makes clothing more comfortable to wear. Add then there’s the aesthetic feature, which is also a very important one for feeling good about yourself.”

The broad SENSIL® portfolio of premium products offers multiple technical benefits that support active people. Clothing and gear made with SENSIL® fabrics help people feel more confident and comfortable so they can get the most out of their run and other activities. And, since SENSIL® products are made according to NILIT’s Total Product Sustainability standards, runners can feel good about their responsible buying decisions.

SENSIL® is headed to The Running Event, North America’s premier running and outdoor specialty retail conference and trade show. This year’s event is November 28-30 in Austin, Texas. Runners, brands, and retailers at the show will have the opportunity to explore the many performance and sustainability benefits that SENSIL® can bring to athletic apparel and gear. And if there are some new runners at the events, they can start their running journey on the right foot with SENSIL®!