Nilit Uses Its Brand Sensil® to Boost Retail Garment Sales Globally


There is a paradigm shift in retail marketing and purchasing trends resulting from the consumers’ preferences. Consequently, there is high pressure on apparel companies across the revenue chain to deliver high quality and highly customized products. This makes the value chain to contemplate on what the buyer values when while purchasing the brand and how the brands can adjust their supply chain mechanism to live up to consumer expectations.

The dark horses happen to be small and emerging brands that can live up to premium quality, innovation and good service to customers. They are in a better position to demand a higher margin in pricing. Mainstream brands have the advantage of catering to a broader customer base. They offset the low pricing by getting higher volumes of business.

However, the new brand of customers are demanding all in one basket, namely style, value, sustainability, innovation and speed all at one go. These gen next shoppers are not a passing fad but something the brands and manufacturers have to live with. This calls for greater communication and collaboration across the entire supply chain. In order to protect margins and deliver on time, the industry has to work together as a single unit.

Well positioned in the supply chain, Nilit is coordinating the effort with its brand Sensil, the world’s largest supplier of premium nylon6.6. This is an ideal showcasing of what can be achieved when yarn producers, mills and brands work together.

Sensil is tailor made for giving the consumer maximum comfort as it’s softer, stronger and more durable in addition to providing odor, temperature and moisture management. Nilit’s ability to work with brands will facilitate Sensil find factories and mills that assist them in making their product by using Nilit yarns.

The symbiosis with brands will result in premium products that check all of the boxes for end consumers and at the same time facilitate retailers drive sales and margins.