NILIT® Introduces SENSIL® Premium Nylon to Denim Designers


Migdal Haemek, Israel — August 31, 2017 — NILIT®, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of Nylon fibers, will launch Sensil®, its new premium Nylon 6.6 brand for apparel, to the denim market at the Keyhouse/Bluezone – Munich Fabric Start in Hall 5 Booth 29. NILIT will present a unique apparel collection that illustrates just how naturally Sensil® pairs with cotton to create beautiful, modern denim styles that are fashionable and, at the same time, have the performance capabilities to keep up with consumers’ busy lifestyles. Designed by Augusta Romano from Duplex Style SRL, this special collection was created with advanced denim fabrics made by Berto Industria Tessile. NILIT’s full range of Sensil® performance products gives fabric designers many options to infuse denim with valuable attributes that consumers require in contemporary jeanswear.

“Consumers are raising their expectations for denim just as they are for everything else that they buy,” says Pierluigi Berardi, NILIT® Global Marketing Director. “Cutting edge jeanswear requires cutting edge fiber technology like Sensil® premium Nylon 6.6 performance yarns. Together with our supply chain partners, Sensil® creates fabrics that are the smart choice for denim brands that want to effectively respond to these shifting consumer attitudes about clothing and shopping.”

Sensil® is naturally softer, stronger, more durable, and more moisture-wicking and odor-resistant than other man-made fibers, all important benefits in jeanswear. Sensil® blends effortlessly with cotton to create remarkable fabrics with beautiful drape and appearance. Sensill® performance yarns are enhanced to provide additional attributes that consumers desire in today’s advanced denim products. Sensil® Breeze imbues denim with a cooling effect for enhanced comfort. Sensil® Body Fresh protects against the odors microbes can cause, which means busy consumers don’t have to take time to wash their jeans as often. Sensil® Heat warms on chilly days while Sensil® Aquarius stays dry on warm days. There’s even multi-tasking Sensil® Innergy that helps energize cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

NILIT’s Sensil® denim collection features an array of fashionable styles that capture all the important aspects of a modern denim collection, from drape and durability to performance and beauty. For an appointment at NILIT’s booth to see these exciting Sensil® denim creations, contact

About NILIT®
NILIT® is a global producer and marketer of high quality type 6.6 Nylon fibers for apparel fabrics and other products. The company was founded over 40 years ago in Israel and has grown to be the largest Nylon 6.6 producer in the world with manufacturing and marketing operations in key regions including Europe, USA, Turkey, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and China

About Sensil®
Sensil® is the premium Nylon 6.6 from NILIT for apparel. Crafted by masters of precision, it is the new standard of quality for intimate apparel, legwear, activewear, denim, and other products. Sensil® is a registered/pending trademark of NILIT®.

Nilit® Marketing contacts
Israel: Amy Holzer
USA: Molly Kremidas
Latin America: Fabianne Pacini
Italy: Federica Albiero
Germany: Christiane Rauch
China: Martin Yang

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