Lorpen wins ISPO award for biodegradable sock


Top-of-the-line sock uses biodegradable materials made with SENSIL® BioCare, delivering innovative sustainable solutions without walking away from the best performance.

There is now a more conscientious approach to “watching your step.” Being mindful in regards to choices is rather more important and gives a new perspective to the level of attention people should invest in their personal choices. Truly thoughtful consumers go beyond what is simply written on the label to really understand the many components of sustainability that result in a smart, sustainable decision that makes life better.

For instance, we can start focusing on the, sometimes overlooked universe of socks, showing that sustainable innovation can also be featured in clothes that usually are not showcased in sportswear outfits. Technical outdoor socks maker Lorpen has won its first ISPO Award in the run up to the famed Munich sportswear show (28-30 November). A jury of international experts selected the T3+ Biowarmer Inferno Expedition Overcalf from a group of fifty-seven finalists for its unique composition and high degree of technicality. Designed for winter mountaineering, Lorpen states that these socks are top-of-the-line and use biodegradable textiles with a mix of SENSIL® BioCare yarns with PrimaloftBio as a filler. The seams are made with SENSIL® BioCare yarns as well, while the cuff has been made with chlorine free wool, assuring that these high-performance socks are also part of the best sustainable solution.

SENSIL® BioCare is enhanced with a special technology that reduces the persistence of textile waste in oceans and landfills, lowering the impact on the Earth’s ecosystems. These sustainable yarns feature all the performance, style, quality, and comfort consumers expect from SENSIL but allows them to feel even better about making a conscious choice that benefits the planet.

“SENSIL® BioCare yarns are durable and sure to last longer than others. And, at the end of a long useful life, they will biodegrade in water or soil. Furthermore, they are very warm and supple and they adapt perfectly and prevent blisters,” says Lorpen of the 2022 ISPO Award winning T3+ Biowarmer Inferno Expedition Overcalf socks.

With this product specifically, Lorpen has also started an experiment. By burring one of the socks and testing in several situations, they will quantify the biodegradation process and determine how long it takes a sock to degrade completely and how effective the features really are. Designing these socks with biodegradable textiles is an exercise in sustainable innovation applied to a performance product and it confirms Lorpen’s claim to be the best and most innovative in the technical sock industry. This accomplishment is also very important for SENSIL® as the BioCare technology makes this product a critical addition to the environmentally responsible fiber segment that can improve the sustainability profile of technical apparel across multiple categories.

Lorpen awarded socks are specially dyed by Filpar.



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