How SPANX believes women can do anything and make the world a better place


A brand for women, by women: how SPANX believes women can do anything and make the world a better place.

Feeling good is a human need that has been valued by consumers when deciding to buy something new. SPANX lovers are making a smart decision to feel comfortably good as they look polished and ready for any occasion. The brand that values women and their needs selected SENSIL® EcoCare to build its apparel. We will see next how this combination is making a difference.

Sara Blakely once had an insight: to attend a certain party back in 1998, she cut the feet off the control top pantyhose she was wearing, just to get a smooth look under white pants. From that moment on SPANX was created and Sara was ready to solve some wardrobe woes that many women had to deal with. Looking good and feeling comfortable is a must when SPANX is developing bras, underwear, leggings, and activewear. And that is the reason SENSIL® EcoCare was selected as a fabric behind the EcoCare line at SPANX.

This premium sustainable Nylon 6.6 made from pre-consumer waste reduces environmental impact at the same time it offers high-quality fabrics that last and last. By choosing SENSIL® EcoCare, SPANX showcases that sustainability is one of the company’s values in its constant drive for innovation.

SPANX’s mission is to help women feel great about themselves and their potential. The brand knows the value of having products that represent that mission. 

In the following interview, SPANX Senior Brand Manager, Karen Robbins, confirms the importance of choosing SENSIL® EcoCare and how women can be empowered to change their realities by feeling good with what they wear. 

Tell us about Spanx. What is the brand’s purpose? 
SPANX® is a brand for women, by women. We obsess comfort, deliver results and ensure you look as good as you feel. We think forward and give back. We believe women can do anything. And together, we believe we will make the world a better place… one butt at a time!

What is the most important differential?
Innovation from a woman’s point of view.

Has the consumer’s behavior changed, if at all? For example, does it make sense to you to say that customers are increasingly looking for technical information before buying apparel?
Yes! She wants her apparel to do more for her. That’s why at SPANX, we have focused on innovation and technology and versatility to make getting dressed easier and more comfortable.

Why has Spanx chosen SENSIL® EcoCare recycled premium Nylon?
We care about the planet, elevating women and making products that make women look and feel their best. And SENSIL® EcoCare nylon does just that!

What role does sustainability play in your collections today?
Every product we make is thoughtfully sourced and designed with incredible attention to detail so that we deliver the best possible wearing experience for our customers. We’re sourcing recycled and organic content for new collections and products and re-sourcing more sustainable materials for some of your favorite collections to reduce our impact on the planet.