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BV Sport’s innovative new Sensil® Innergy Nylon 6.6 fiber with far-infrared technology improves athletic performance and enhances well-being.

Charlotte Cooper was one of the first women tennis players in history, and she was a champion: over the course of her career, she won Wimbledon five times, and was the first woman to win an Olympic gold in tennis.

Looking at photos from the peak of her career, it is almost impossible to imagine today how she achieved those results. She arrived on the tennis court in true Belle Époque athletic propriety: a starched cotton shirt with a high-buttoned collar and tie, and a billowing linen skirt brushing her ankles—complete with requisite petticoats—all while carrying the heavy wooden racket of the time.

Comparing Charlotte Cooper’s turn-of-the-20th-century look to the state-of-the-art garments worn by today’s elite female athletes, one can fully appreciate the materials revolution that has propelled active sportswear into the modern day.

Speed, strength, endurance, and athletic ability in women’s sports continue to improve, reinforcing the unwritten rule that records are made to be broken. This cannot happen, however, without technological innovation in activewear, fabrics, and fibers.

In 1989, French vascular physician Michaël Prüfer, a world champion downhill skier and gold medal winner at the 1982 Albertville Olympics, put to good use his medical knowledge to co-develop a compression sock that significantly improves muscle recovery and performance. The result? The patented Booster Veines Sport system, from which the French company BV Sport was born.

Since then, top European sports teams and world-class athletes have relied on BV Sport’s technology. In 1998, the French national football team wore the first BV Sport recovery socks, created specially for the FIFA World Cup being held that year in France, and the home team triumphed.

After the sock came the Booster sleeve design, whose stiff yet elastic construction delivers targeted, perfect compression. French sprinter Odiah Sidibé, gold medalist in the 4×100 relay at the 2001 European Championships in Munich, convinced her teammates to try out BV Sport technology for better performance, reduced risk of injury, and faster recovery. For runners who were hesitant to go sockless or who were willing to try a new sock, the company created the Booster sock.

The superior performance attributes of BV Sport products have been achieved through years of medical studies and development alongside professional sports doctors and federations, taking into account the unique physical specifications of individual athletes. The products are designed to optimize muscle biomechanics in movement, improving blood flow back to the heart, and reducing vibrations, harmful oscillations, and overall fatigue.

Over the past several years, BV Sport has been focusing on women’s apparel and legwear with the goal of supplying the rapidly growing female athlete population with the superior products that men have enjoyed. The technology found in BV Sport legwear has been extended to other apparel categories, such as shirts, leggings, and pants.

BV Sport’s most recent innovations are made of Sensil® Innergy. This Nylon 6.6 made by NILIT enhances athletic performance and increases physical fitness by using far infrared technology. This technology reflects the wearer’s naturally emitted thermal energy back to the body, causing a gentle, virtually imperceptible warming that improves muscle elasticity and speeds up recovery. Sensil® Innergy has also been known to reduce the appearance of cellulite and enhance overall well-being, making it the perfect fabric not only for performance sports apparel but also for yoga pants, shapers, and base layers.

How would a trailblazer like Charlotte Cooper have done with state-of-the-art tennis equipment and apparel made of Sensil® Innergy?

It would have been a whole new ballgame.

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