EMBRACING CIRCULARITY: How SENSIL® Flow boosts new economic value to textiles.


Noticeably, people are becoming more conscious regarding their accountability as consumers. According to a recent whitepaper published by Statista’s Consumer Insights, from 2019 to 2023, there has been a drop of almost 10% in people who see low cost as a determining factor when choosing clothing. People are now trying to balance enduring quality with price, accepting that in order to take action, some effort and adaptation to new trends are needed.

The ideal of a circular economy mindset worldwide requires humanity to reconsider the choices and decisions that got us to this point. Annual waste generation is projected to increase by 70% by 2050[1], which is a massive issue.

Although high consumption and resource usage display big numbers[2], the same cannot be said for apparel recycling, one of the pillars of circularity. Less than 1% of all textiles worldwide are estimated to be recycled into new textiles[3], and taking action on this point seems critical. These rates are so low due to recycling challenges such as logistics and infrastructure complexities as well as the need to sort and separate materials before they can be recycled back to their original elements, making garments made with blended fibers and fabrics much harder to handle.

In light of the complexity of the textile value chain and in response to these challenges, NILIT introduces SENSIL® Flow: a sweeping design for Nylon 6.6 circularity that facilitates yarn, fabric, and, ultimately, apparel recycling to eliminate waste and further reduce textiles’ environmental impact. SENSIL® Flow is an entirely new approach to sustainable fabrics because it has pure Nylon 6.6 yarns with built in comfort stretch to create 100% mono-component fabrics with long-lasting and recyclable properties. Without sacrificing the comfort and well-being our products provide, SENSIL® Flow opens the doors to a circular economy mindset, promoting the achievement of personal comfort and economic value through more sustainable solutions that are easy to recycle at every point of the production chain.

SENSIL® Flow is a more sustainable and circular solution that allows the textile market to easily repurpose and recycle textiles, grasping the need to change how we use natural resources and treat waste. We are embracing circularity for good; are you with us?

[1] World Bank (2018), What a Waste 2.0: A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050.

[2] Global consumption of materials such as biomass, fossil fuels, metals, and minerals is expected to double in the next forty years (source: OECD (2018): Global Material Resources Outlook to 2060), being textiles the fourth highest-pressure category for primary raw materials and water use. (source: EEA Briefing report Nov 2019).

[3] Ellen McArthur Foundation (2017), A New Textiles Economy