A cool solution to the effects of rising temperatures


The rise of temperatures is a global challenge for society to overcome. Enduring all that heat during sports or any physical activity could represent an even more significant challenge, considering the toll that each added degree takes on our bodies. Yes, that feeling that you’ve been “melting” throughout the day will become even more common. Recent data published by Statista showcases that the last months of 2023 were the hottest ever registered since 1850, with an impressive heat streak from June to November. It is alarming when you put all that heat in numbers; making sense of the rise of temperatures is a real challenge for maintaining well-being.

Global warming is a worldwide issue, exhaustively discussed by the scientific community and thoroughly documented by research and data. All that information has built up during the years, raising awareness and crafting a new profile of consumers who are more mindful regarding their choices and the impact their choices might have.

People are more likely to spend more on high-quality, comfortable, and durable items that offer a superior experience. With this, a more conscious consumer profile is on the rise, as Statista Consumer Insights indicates In their 2024 Consumer Trends report. As global temperatures rise, the cost of living has significantly increased. The Statista study shows that generations struggle with living costs and have become more careful with spending their money, prioritizing premium quality and products that offer lasting value. From 2019 to 2023, the post-pandemic era has registered a drop of almost 15% in consumers who consider low prices to be critical when buying clothes. Quality is now paramount.

Consumers are shifting from spectators to activists, going out of their way to become more ethical spenders, another trend pointed out by Statista. The price of things is less important now, and being eco-friendly also justifies investing a few dollars more.

Overcoming challenges of rising temperatures and financial strains makes people respect their money and look for the smartest choice. This is certain to be a global trend and a definite shift toward valuing quality over price and sustainability-conscious consumption. Consumers prioritize premium quality and products that offer lasting value helping them to not only look but also feel better. SENSIL® branded garments are engineered to meet these needs, with close attention to delivering what consumers are looking for.

Products made with SENSIL® Breeze go precisely in that direction. A soft, lightweight solution with a beautiful drape, SENSIL® Breeze Nylon 6.6 is engineered with advanced cooling properties that go beyond traditional fabrics, generating the sense of well-being that comes from being cool, dry, and comfortable. Athletic and daily activities can benefit a lot from this solution, especially on hotter days. In addition to that, SENSIL® Breeze products remain good as new even after numerous washes, resulting in a lower environmental impact since they do not end up in landfills, and can be used for a long time, meeting one of the main aspects of a more sustainable fashion: avoiding textile waste.

Choose to enjoy the unparalleled comfort of innovative SENSIL® Breeze products that can impact your life in the best way possible, just like a soft breeze.