2024 International Earth Day – let’s reflect on more sustainable approaches


The world celebrates Earth Day every April 22nd. Throughout the years, this date has raised awareness in the international community about the urgent need for solutions that are good for people and the planet. Well, SENSIL® has been driving that road for a long time with an innovative approach to reducing impact without letting go of the high quality and performance consumers expect from our brand.

By creating new solutions that are good for people and the planet through the years, SENSIL® has been developing targeted products that lead to more sustainable and functional textiles. We are reinventing the textile value chain by introducing a new mindset that is more connected with the demand for cleaner production, resulting in long-lasting products that are easy to recycle/repurpose after many uses.

Earth Day is a worldwide opportunity not just to celebrate the milestones we achieved, but to reinforce our commitment and inspire the textile industry, retailers, and consumers to shift their mindsets as well. Most garments are now entirely or partially made from synthetic fabrics and fibers to deliver comfort and performance. As the Textile Exchange 2022 report* indicated, 62% of all fibers produced in 2020 were synthetic. Therefore, we must find ways of minimizing the ecological repercussions by offering more sustainable approaches that deliver the positive experience consumers want along with a reduced environmental impact.

Change could take time, but when results start to appear, it is such a heartwarming feeling that we are inspired to keep innovating and discovering solutions that are more and more effective. SENSIL® has a broad portfolio of yarns that help reduce impact including: SENSIL® ByNature, SENSIL® BioCare, and our newest launch, SENSIL® Flow. This innovative approach to textile circulatory uses Nylon 6.6 yarns with inherent comfort stretch properties to create 100% mono-component, long-lasting, and easily recyclable fabrics. Without sacrificing the comfort and well-being our products provide, SENSIL® Flow opens the doors to a circular economy mindset. It is our contribution to this year’s Earth Day through the perfect blend of personal comfort and economic value.